Joyetech eVic Review

Hey guys, this evening I thought would be a great opportunity to check in with an eVic review, from manufacturers Joyetech.

Joyetech have, over the years, really been quite innovative with their products, offering a cheap and stylish variable voltage device the ego-c twist, to the newer e-roll auto-type personal vaping device.

The eVic however, offers even more innovation and even more features than usual, especially with the on board chip allowing automatic updates to the firmware, which over time has proved to offer even more functionality, with the ability for even more to come in the near future.

The Unboxing

Purchased direct from the Joyetech website, their packaging is minimalistic and is quite clearly inspired by Apple, with clean crisp edges, and the classic two tone boxing.

As you can see, the package comes with three individual boxes and a ‘free’ bottle of Joyetech e-liquid. Also included is the atomiser and a few tanks.

The eVic comes quite well protected in moulded plastic, and what is fit very snug inside that box!

Hidden underneath the eVic you can find a user manual on both the MVR software and the eVic itself. Also you can find a box containing the 2600Mah battery and the USB cable used to connect the device to your computer/wall charger.

The USB cable is a very generous length and the battery is a Samsung branded 2600Mah capacity battery, with an interesting choice in colour. Turns out the choice of colour is actually quite a smart one. Many batteries for some reason come in the colour red, so there is no mistaking this one as the one to use for my eVic if I was using a 3rd party battery charger.

The other boxes include a wall charger, a bunch of atomisers and atomiser heads, a few tanks and the e-liquid.

Build Quality

The build quality of the eVic is stellar. I was surprised at just how light the device is, and the brushed steel finish is extremely satisfying to hold. Compared to chrome devices, the brushed steel offers that little bit more grip and comfort in you potentially e-liquid soaked fingers (yep, you have been there!). The threading on the battery compartment is very nice, with a secure tight fit, with no cross threading issues to mention. It doesn’t come lose, even when in your pocket and there is no way you could really loosen it by mistake in your hand.

The build quality of the control head however, is what really lets the eVic down. The two directional controller which you move either left or right could be a little bit more tight than what it is. Sometimes I find that I accidentally change the wattage or voltage by .1. It is also chrome plated, which sometimes gives that slippery feeling, especially if you have just finished munching on a pizza or have just tinkered with your e-liquid. Also on the control head is where you can find the micro usb connection, which has one of those ridiculously annoying rubber covers you commonly find on mobile phones. Now, the idea of having this is great but is executed poorly. Once you have taken it out to charge the device, it is a pain in the ass to get it back home. Too many times does it sit there, only to come loose again a second later. Sometimes it refuses to sit home at all, the whole process is just very irritating, so much so I have considered ripping the damn thing off altogether. Check out the video where I show just how annoying that thing is.

The button which fires up the eVic has a positive reaction once you depress the button, and there is no mistaking when you have hit it. The button doesn’t wobble or move and is of a sturdy build.

Using the eVic

The eVic fits the most common 510 connections, which will include many if not all cartomizers and genesis atomisers. It also fits all of the ego skirts, however some devices do look very odd. That however is no fault of the eVic and I don’t let it negatively impact my opinion of the device, since I do sometimes still use cartomizers on it. However, they just look so odd since they are so small and the eVic is so large. However, stick a clearomizer or a genesis style atomizer and it looks right at home!

To turn the device on you simply hit the vaporise button 5 times, and you will be presented with a menu of options. Powering on the device starts the eVic for use, whilst the other options allow you to view the device information, change the information displayed on your home screen or reset your puff counter. However, you can pretty much do all of this from the home screen anyway. To change between variable voltage and variable wattage, you simply move on hold the control head to the right, and to change your home screen display you move and hold to the left. The eVic is extremely simple to use and configure just how you like it. Personally, the puff counter was interesting at first but soon turns into a useless gimmick  You have the ability to present much more interesting and relevant information, such as current resistance and the conversion between wattage and voltage, which is educational if nothing else.

The control head display is bright and easy to read, providing you are inside. However, step outside and that goes right out the window. Using it is akin to using a mobile phone on a summers day, it becomes quite difficult and you find you have to create some sort of shade or cover the screen with your other hand depending on the lighting situation.

MVR Software

Using the MVR software reminds me of some of the basic freeware you get to perform stupid tasks on your computer, it minimalistic and badly organised. The software also seems very hit and miss at connecting to the eVic, but I have generally found It doesn’t work unless you ‘run as administrator  or load up the software first and then plug-in the eVic. If you do neither of these it instead says ‘has not found the hardware equipment !!!!’. Grammar like that irritates me….

With the MVR software you can also set MVR ‘profiles’ to send to your eVic. Although I haven’t used these, you can basically set your eVic to change the power whilst you are vaping. For example, if you want a lower wattage for the first 2 seconds of a puff and for it to gradually increase over a 5 second time period you can. To me however, more hassle than it is worth and I take a range of puffs from 3 to 9 seconds on average.


The eVic itself is a VERY nice piece of kit, and offers a very simple and beginners introduction into variable vaping. Giving recommendations for wattage or voltage based on your atomiser or cartomizer connected, and built in protection should you short out the device I think it is great value for money. It has a really strong build quality, a very stylish finish and one hell of a battery life. There are however, in my opinion some redundant features which aren’t really much interest to me a week after owning the device, but I am not going to mark the eVic down, because having those features is GREAT and I would be lying if I said I didn’t use them AT ALL. They are there if people want to use them, instead of not being there for people who do. And people like myself who don’t really care for them can configure the device not to show them at all.


  • Build Quality
  • Functions
  • Battery life
  • Fits most devices
  • Price for performance
  • Upgradable firmware


  • Software feels cheap
  • That damn micro usb cover
  • The power range (maximum of 5.0 volts or 11 watts)
  • The free liquid I chose, Cola. GOD THAT WAS AWFUL

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